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This web site is the home page for a number texts (translations, lectures, workbooks, and so on) prepared by Ian Johnston, an emeritus professor at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. The text are all freely available to high-school and college teachers and students, to visual and performing artists, to writers, and to members of the general public.


All texts here may be download and distributed without permission and without charge. They may also be edited or adapted to suit the specific purposes of the person using them. However, commercial publication is not permitted, without the express permission of Ian Johnston. In acknowledging the source of this material, please do not refer to the author as Dr. Johnston (Ian Johnston is quite acceptable).


Many of these files (especially the translation of classic texts) are available as HTML documents and as RTF (Rich Text Format) documents. The latter format (RTF)--which can be opened with Word or OpenOffice--is more suitable for those who wish to edit the text in some way or to print it (or both) and for those who prefer to have the notes provided by the translator as footnotes at the bottom of the page rather than as endnotes at the end of the document. The former format (HTML) is more suitable for those who wish to read the document on a laptop or tablet and who do not mind jumping (via hyperlinks) between the text and the endnotes and back.


To access the HTML and RTF options, simply click on the title of the work you are interested in and read the first few lines of the translator's introduction. If there are any problems, please contact Ian Johnston.



(Unless otherwise stated, all translations are by Ian Johnston)




Oresteia (Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, Eumenides)

Prometheus Bound
Seven Against Thebes

Suppliant Women




Nicomachaean Ethics [abridged]


Meditations on First Philosophy



Conversation Between D'Alembert and Diderot
D'Alembert's Dream
D'Alembert's Dream (Table of Contents)
Rameau's Nephew

Sequel to the Preceding Conversation





Iliad (Abridged)
Iliad (Complete)
Odyssey (Abridged)
Odyssey (Complete)


Selected Short Stories



On the Nature of Things (Table of Contents)



Beyond Good and Evil
Birth of Tragedy
Genealogy of Morals
Use and Abuse of History





On the Sciences and the Arts [First Discourse]

On the Origin of Inequality [Second Discourse]

On the Social Contract




Oedipus at Colonus
Oedipus the King



Marquis von Keith (German text)
Marquis von Keith (English text)
Castle Wetterstein (English text)
Schloss Wetterstein
(German text)





The documents listed below are the texts of lectures and other instructional materials prepared by Ian Johnston for the Liberal Studies and English departments at Vancouver Island University.


On Researth and Teaching 1: Myth Conceptions of Academic Work
On Research and Teaching 2: The Rage of Caliban

On Aeschylus, Oresteia
On Ancient and Modern Science
On Approaches to Shakespeare
On Arendt, Eichmann in Jerusalem
On Aristophanic Satire and the Clouds
On Aristotle, Nicomachaean Ethics
On Aristotle's Life and Works
On Creationism in the Science Curriculum
On Czech Cubist Architecture
On Czech History (An Overview)
On Darwin (Non-Scientific Observations)
On Dawkins, The Selfish Gene
On de Beauvoir, The Second Sex
On Defoe, Robinson Crusoe
On Descartes, Discourse on Method
On Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground
On Eliot, "Prufrock" and The Waste Land
On Euripides, Bacchae
On Exodus
On Frayn, Copenhagen
On Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents
On Hašek’s The Good Soldier Švejk
On Hobbes, Leviathan

On Homer, Iliad (A Series of Essays)
On Homer, Odyssey

On Ibsen, A Doll's House
On James, Varieties of Religious Experience
On Kafka (A Lecture by Karl Marx)
On Kant,Perpetual Peace

On Lucretius, On the Nature of Things
On Machiavelli, The Prince

On Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude
On Marx, Selected Writings

On Matthew and Epistle to the Romans
On Modern Politics: Why Should I Obey the State?

On Montaigne, Essays
On Mucha and Art Nouveau
On Ovid, Metamorphoses
On Plato, Meno
On Plato, Poesis in the Republic
On Romanticism in English Poetry
On Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality
On Rousseau, Emile
On Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra
On Shakespeare, As You Like It
On Shakespeare, Hamlet
On Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1
On Shakespeare, Henry V
On Shakespeare, Introduction to Shakespeare
On Shakespeare, Note on Henry IV, Part 1
On Shakespeare, King Lear
On Shakespeare, Macbeth
On Shakespeare, Richard II and Hamlet
On Shakespeare, Richard III
On Shakespeare, Sonnets (Background Note)
On Shakespeare, The Tempest
On Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
On Shakespeare, Wars of the Roses (Background Note)
On the Short Proof of Evolution
On the Short Proof of Evolution: Responses to Objections
On Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

On Sophocles, Oedipus the King
On Spiegelmann, Maus I and II
On Stendhal, The Red and the Black
On Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
On Swift, Gulliver's Travels
On Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War
On Twain, Huckleberry Finn
On Understanding Science
On Western Civilization: Why is Everyone Studying English?
On Wollstonecraft, Vindication of the Rights of Woman
On Woolf, To the Lighthouse




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