Denis Diderot

D’Alembert’s Dream


Translated by Ian Johnston
Vancouver Island University
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Translator’s Note

D’Alembert’s Dream (Le Rêve D’Alembert) is the title traditionally given to three related works written by Diderot in 1769 but not published until after his death. The links below are to the French texts and to a newly revised English translation of each work (originally translated in 2002, revised in 2014).

Students, teachers, artists, and members of the general public may download and distribute the translated texts without permission and without charge. They may also freely edit the texts to suit their purposes. Commercial use of the translations, however, is prohibited without the permission of the translator. Please contact Ian Johnston (at for details.

Links to French Texts

Entretien entre M. d’Alembert et M. Diderot
Le Rêve D’Alembert
Suite de L’Entretien precedent

Links to English Translations

A Conversation Between D’Alembert and Diderot
D’Alembert’s Dream
Sequel to the Preceding Conversation

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