Deaths in the Iliad


[The following text has been prepared by Ian Johnston of Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC (now Vancouver Island University).  The text is in the public domain and may be used by anyone for any purpose without permission and without charge, provided the source is acknowledged.  For corrections, revisions, and so on, please contact Ian Johnston.  This text was last revised August 1, 2013]


The following is a chronological list of the killings in the Iliad in which the participants are named. The list includes only those who die during the course of this particular part of the war and thus omits those deaths from the past which are described or referred to in some of the characters' accounts of their past exploits (e.g., Nestor's various triumphs) or earlier in the war (e.g., Protesilaus).


The line numbers refer to the on-line translation by Ian Johnston (available here). The symbols A and T designate the character as a member of the Achaean or Trojan forces.


Antilochus (A) kills Echepolus (T) (spear in the head) (4.529)

Agenor (T) kills Elephenor (A) (spear in the side) (4.543)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Simoeisius (T) (speared in the nipple) (4.549)

Antiphus (T) kills Leucus (A) (speared in the groin) (4.569)

Odysseus (A) kills Democo÷n (T) (spear through the head) (4.579)

Peirous (T) kills Diores (A) (hit with a rock, then speared in the gut) (4.598)

Thoas (A) kills Peirous (T) (spear in the chest, sword in the gut) (4.608)

Diomedes (A) kills Phegeus (T) (spear in the chest) (5.19)

Agamemnon (A) kills Odius (T) (spear in the back) (5.42)

Idomeneus (A) kills Phaestus (spear in the shoulder) (5.48)

Menelaus (A) kills Scamandrius (spear in the back) (5.54)

Meriones (A) kills Phereclus (T) (spear in the buttock) (5.66)

Meges (A) kills Pedaeus (A) (spear in the neck) (5.78)

Eurypylus (A) kills Hypsenor (T) (arm cut off) (5.86)

Diomedes (A) kills Astynous (T) (spear in the chest) (5.164)

Diomedes (A) kills Hypeiron (T) (sword in the collar bone) (5.165)

Diomedes (A) kills Abas (T) (5.170)

Diomedes (A) kills Polyidus (T) (5.170)

Diomedes (A) kills Xanthus (T) (5.174)

Diomedes (A) kills Thoon (T) (5.174)

Diomedes (A) kills Echemmon (T) (5.182)

Diomedes (A) kills Chromius (T) (5.182)

Diomedes (A) kills Pandarus (T) (spear in the nose) (5.346)

Diomedes (A) wounds Aeneas (T) with a rock (5.359)

Agamemnon (A) kills Deicoon (T), spear in the stomach (5.630)

Aeneas (T) kills Crethon (A)

Aeneas (T) kills Orsilochus (A)

Menelaus (A) kills Pylaemenes (T), spear in the collar bone (5.675)

Antilochus (A) kills Mydon (T), sword in the head, stomped by his horses (5.680)

Hector (T) kills Menesthes (A) (5.714)

Hector (T) kills Anchialus (A) (5.714)

Telamonian Ajax kills Amphius (T), spear in the gut (5.717)

Sarpedon (T) kills Tlepolemus (A), spear in the neck (5.764)

Tlepolemus (A) wounds Sarpedon (T) spear in the thigh (5.764)

Odysseus (A) kills Coeranus (T) (5.783)

Odysseus (A) kills Alastor (T) (5.783)

Odysseus (A) kills Chromius (T) (5.783)

Odysseus (A) kills Alcandrus (T) (5.784)

Odysseus (A) kills Halius (T) (5.784)

Odysseus (A) kills Noemon (T) (5.784)

Odysseus (A) kills Prytanis (T) (5.784)

Hector (T) kills Teuthras (A) (5.811)

Hector (T) kills Orestes (A) (5.811)

Hector (T) kills Trechus (A) (5.812)

Hector (T) kills Oenomaus (A) (5.812)

Hector (T) kills Helenus (A) (5.813)

Hector (T) kills Oresbius (A) (5.813)

Ares kills Periphas (A) (5.970)

Diomedes wounds Ares in the gut (5.980)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Acamas (T), spear in the head (6.9)

Diomedes (A) kills Axylus (T) (6.14)

Diomedes (A) kills Calesius (T) (6.20)

Euryalus (A) kills Dresus (T) (6.23)

Euryalus (A) kills Opheltius (T) (6.23)

Euryalus (A) kills Aesepus (T) (6.24)

Euryalus (A) kills Pedasus (T) (6.24)

Polypoetes (A) kills Astyalus (T) (6.33)

Odysseus (A) kills Pidytes (T), with his spear (6.34)

Teucer (A) kills Aretaon (T) (6.35)

Antilochus (A) kills Ableros (T), with his spear (6.35)

Agamemnon (A) kills Elatus (T) (6.38)

Leitus (A) kills Phylacus (T) (6.41)

Eurypylus (A) kills Melanthius (6.42)

Agamemnon (A) kills Adrestus (T), spear in the side (6.76)

Paris (T) kills Menesthius (A) (7.8)

Hector (T) kills Eioneus (A), spear in the neck (7.11)

Glaucus (T) kills Iphinous (A), spear in the shoulder (7.13)

Diomedes (A) kills Eniopeus (T), spear in the chest (8.138)

Diomedes (A) kills Agelaos (T), spear in the back (8.300)

Teucer (A) kills Orsilochos (T), with an arrow (8.321)

Teucer (A) kills Ormenus (T), with an arrow (8.321)

Teucer (A) kills Ophelestes (T), with an arrow (8.321)

Teucer (A) kills Daitor (T), with an arrow (8.322)

Teucer (A) kills Chromius (T), with an arrow (8.322)

Teucer (A) kills Lycophontes (T), with an arrrow (8.322)

Teucer (A) kills Amopaon (T), with an arrow (8.323)

Teucer (A) kills Melanippus (T), with an arrow (8.323)

Teucer (A) kills Gorgythion (T), with an arrow (8.353)

Teucer (A) kills Archeptolemos (T), with an arrow (8.363)

Hector (T) wounds Teucer (A), with a rock (8.380)

Diomedes (A) kills Dolon (T), sword across the neck (10.546)

Diomedes (A) kills twelve sleeping Thracian soldiers (10.579) (includes Rhesus)

Agamemnon (A) kills Bienor (T) (11.99)

Agamemnon (A) kills Oileus (T), spear in the head, (11.103)

Agamemnon (A) kills Isus (T), spear in the chest (11.109)

Agamemnon (A) kills Antiphus (T), sword in the head (11.120)

Agamemnon (A) kills Peisander (T), spear in the chest (11.160)

Agamemnon (A) kills Hippolochus (T), sword cuts off his head (11.165)

Agamemnon (A) kills Iphidamas T), sword in the neck (11.270)

Co÷n (T) wounds Agamemnon (A), spear in the arm (11.288)

Agamemnon (A) kills Co÷n (T), spear in the side (11.295)

Hector (T) kills Asaeus (A) (11.341)

Hector (T) kills Autonous (A) (11.341)

Hector (T) kills Opites (A) (11.341)

Hector (T) kills Dolops (A) (11.342)

Hector (T) kills Opheltius (A) (11.324)

Hector (T) kills Agelaus (A) (11.325)

Hector (T) kills Aesymnus (A) (11.325)

Hector (T) kills Orus (A) (11.343)

Hector (T) kills Hipponous (A) (11.325)

Diomedes (A) kills Thymbraeus (T), spear in the chest (11.364)

Odysseus (A) kills Molion (T) (11.366)

Diomedes (A) kills two sons of Merops (Adrestus and Amphius) (T) (11.375)

Odysseus (A) kills Hippodamas (T) (11.381)

Odysseus (A) kills Hypeirochus (T) (11.381)

Diomedes (A) kills Agastrophus (T), spear in the hip (11.384)

Paris (T) wounds Diomedes (A), arrow in the foot (11.430)

Odysseus (A) kills De´opites (T) (11.479)

Odysseus (A) kills Tho÷n (T) (11.481)

Odysseus (A) kills Ennomus (A) (11.481)

Odysseus (A) kills Chersidamas (T), spear in the groin (11.481)

Odyssues (A) kills Charops (T) (11.485)

Odysseus (A) kills Socus (T), spear in the back (11.506)

Socus (T) wounds Odysseus (A), spear in the ribs (11.493)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Doryclus (T) (11.552)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Pandocus (T) (11.553)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Lysander (T) (11.554)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Pyrasus (T) (11.554)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Pylartes (T) (11.554)

Eurypylus (A) kills Apisaon (T), spear in the liver (11.650)

Polypoetes (A) kills Damasus (T), spear through the cheek (12.190);

Polypoetes (A) kills Pylon (T) (12.194)

Polypoetes (A) kills Ormenus (T) (12.194)

Leonteus (A) kills Hippomachus, spear in the stomach (12.196)

Leonteus (A) kills Antiphates (T), struck with a sword (12.198)

Leonteus (A) kills Menon (T) (12.201)

Leonteus (A) kills Iamenus (T) (12.201)

Leonteus (A) kills Orestes (T) (12.201)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Epicles (T), rock in the skull (12.416)

Teucer (A) wounds Glaucus (T), arrow in the arm (12.425)

Sarpedon (T) kills Alcmaon (A), spear in the body (12.434)

Teucer (A) kills Imbrius (T), spear in the ear (13.198)

Hector (T) kills Amphimachus (A), spear in the chest (13.227)

Idomeneus (A) kills Othryoneus (T), spear in the gut, (13.439 ff)

Idomeneus (A) kills Asius (T), spear in the neck (13.472)

Antilochus (A) kills Asius' charioteer, spear in the gut (13.482)

De´phobus (T) kills Hypsenor (A), spear in the liver (13.488) (wounded?)

Idomeneus (A) kills Alcathous (T), spear in the chest (13.514 ff)

Idomeneus (A) kills Oenomaus (T), spear in the stomach (13.608)

De´phobus (T) kills Ascalaphus (A), spear in the shoulder (13.621)

Meriones (A) wounds De´phobus (T) spear in the arm (13.634)

Aeneas (T) kills Aphareus (A), spear in the throat (13.647)

Antilochus (A) kills Tho÷n (A), spear in the back) (13.652).

Meriones (A) kills Adamas (T), spear in the testicles (13.677).

Helenus (T) kills De´pyrus (A), sword on the head (13.687)

Menelaus (A) wounds Helenus (T), spear in the hand (13.705)

Menelaus (A) kills Peisander (T), sword in the head (13.731)

Meriones (A) kills Harpalion (T), arrow in the buttock (13.776)

Paris (T) kills Euchenor (A), arrow in the jaw (13.800)

Telamonian Ajax (A) hits Hector (T) with a rock (14.477)

O´lean Ajax (A) kills Satnius (T), spear in the side (14.517)

Polydamas (T) kills ProthoŰnor (A), spear in the shoulder (14.525)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Archelochus, spear in the neck (14.540)

Acamas (T) kills Promachus (A), spear (14.555)

Peneleus (A) kills Ilioneus (T), spear in the eye (14.570)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Hyrtius (14.597)

Meriones (A) kills Morys (14.601)

Meriones (A) kills Hippotion (14.601)

Teucer (A) kills Protho÷n (T) (14.602)

Teucer (A) kills Periphetes (T) (14.602)

Menelaus (A) kills Hyperenor (T), spear through the side (14.603)

Antilochus (A) kills Phalces (T) (14.600)

Antilochus (A) kills Mermerus (T) (14.600)

Hector (T) kills Stichius (A) (15.389)

Hector (T) kills Arcesilaus (A) (15.389)

Aeneas (T) kills Medon (A) (15.392)

Aeneas (T) kills Iasus (A) (15.392)

Polydamas (T) kills Mecisteus (A) (15.399)

Polites (T) kills Echius (A) (15.400)

Agenor (T) kills Clonius (15.401)

Paris (T) kills De´ochus (A), spear through the back (15.402)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Caletor (T), spear in the chest (15.491)

Hector (T) kills Lycophron (A) spear in the head (15.503)

Teucer (A) kills Cleitus (A), arrow in the back of the neck (15.521)

Hector (T) kills Schedius (A) (15.607)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Laodamas (T) (15.608)

Polydamas (T) kills Otus (A) (15.610)

Meges (A) kills Croesmus (T), spear in the chest (15.616)

Menelaus (A) kills Dolops (T), speared in the back (15.636)

Antilochus (A) kills Melanippus (T), spear in the chest (15.675)

Hector (T) kills Periphetes (A), spear in the chest (15.744)

Patroclus (A) kills Pyraechmes (T), spear in the shoulder (16.339)

Patroclus (A) kills Areilycus (T), spear in the thigh (16.361)

Menelaus (A) kills Thoas (T), spear in the chest (16.365)

Meges (A) kills Amphiclus (T), spear in the leg (16.367)

Antilochus (A) kills Atymnius (T), spear in the side (16.372)

Thrasymedes (A) kills Maris (T), spear in the shoulder (16.377)

O´lean Ajax (A) kills Cleobulus (T), sword in the neck (16.386)

Peneleus (A) kills Lyco (A), sword in the neck (16.395)

Meriones (A) kills Acamas (T), spear in the shoulder (16.399)

Idomeneus (A) kills Erymas (T), spear in the mouth (16.403)

Patroclus (A) kills Pronous (T), spear in the chest (16.464)

Patroclus (A) kills Thestor (T), spear in the head (16.477)

Patroclus (A) kills Erylaus (T), rock on the head (16.479)

Patroclus (A) kills Erymas (T) (16.484)

Patroclus (A) kills Amphoterus (T) (16.484)

Patroclus (A) kills Epaltes (T) (16.484)

Patroclus (A) kills Tlepolemus (T) (16.485)

Patroclus (A) kills Echius (T) (16.485)

Patroclus (A) kills Pyris (T) (16.486)

Patroclus (A) kills Ipheus (T) (16.486)

Patroclus (A) kills Euippus (T) (16.486)

Patroclus (A) kills Polymelus (T) (16.486)

Patroclus (A) kills Thrasymedes (T), spear in the gut (16.542)

Patroclus (A) kills Sarpedon (T), spear in the chest (16.559)

Hector (T) kills Epeigeus (A), rock on the head (16.666)

Patroclus (A) kills Sthenelaus (T), rock on the head (16.682)

Glaucus (T) kills Bathycles (A), spear in the chest (16.691)

Meriones (A) kills Laogonus (T), spear in the jaw (16.702)

Patroclus (A) kills Adrestus (T) (16.808)

Patroclus (A) kills Autonous (T) (16.809)

Patroclus (A) kills Echeclus (T) (16.809)

Patroclus (A) kills Perimus (T) (16.809)

Patroclus (A) kills Epistor (T) (16.810)

Patroclus (A) kills Melanippus (T) (16.810)

Patroclus (A) kills Elasus (T) (16.811)

Patroclus (A) kills Mulius (T) (16.811)

Patroclus (A) kills Pylartes (T) (16.811)

Patroclus (A) kills Cebriones (T), rock in the head (16.859)

Patroculs (A) kills twenty-seven anonymous Trojans (16.913)

Hector (T) kills Patroclus (A) (16.993)

Menelaus (A) kills Euphorbus (T), spear in the throat (17.60)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Hippothous (T), spear in the head (17.377)

Hector (T) kills Schedius (A), spear in the collar (17.393)

Telamonian Ajax (A) kills Phorcys (T), spear in the gut (17.399)

Aeneas (T) kills Leocritus (A), (17.439);

Lycomedes (A) kills Apisaon (T) (17.443)

Automedon (A) kills Aretus (T), spear in the gut (17.636)

Menelaus (T) kills Podes (T), spear in the stomach (17.704)

Hector (T) kills Coeranus (A), spear in the head (17.744)

Achilles (A) kills Iphition (T), spear in the head (20.463)

Achilles (A) kills Demoleon (T), spear in the head (20.476)

Achilles (A) kills Hippodamas (T), spear in the back (20.480)

Achilles (A) kills Polydorus (T), spear in the back (20.488)

Achilles (A) kills Dryops (T), spear in the knee, sword thrust (20.546)

Achilles (A) kills Demouchos (T) spear thrust (20.548).

Achilles (A) kills Laogonus (T), spear thrust (20.551)

Achilles (A) kills Dardanus (T), sword thrust (20.551)

Achilles (A) kills Tros (T), sword in the liver (20.555)

Achilles (A) kills Mulius (T), spear in the head (20.567)

Achilles (A) kills Echeclus (T), sword on the head (20.569)

Achilles (A) kills Deucalion (T), sword in the neck (20.573)

Achilles (A) kills Rhigmus (T), spear in the gut (20.581)

Achilles (A) kills Areithous (T), spear in the back (20.586)

Achilles (A) kills Lycaon (T), sword in the neck (21.138)

Achilles (A) kills Asteropaeus (T), sword in the stomach (21.215)

Achilles (A) kills Thersilochus (T) (21.249)

Achilles (A) kills Mydon (T) (21.249)

Achilles (A) kills Astypylus (T) (21.250)

Achilles (A) kills Mnesus (T) (21.250)

Achilles (A) kills Thrasius (T) (21.250)

Achilles (A) kills Aenius (T) (21.250)

Achilles (A) kills Ophelestes (T) (21.251)

Achilles (A) kills Hector (T), spear through the throat (22.410)


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